pátek 29. května 2009

hey guys

so guess what, I'm totally stressed out at this moment, so I'll just type, type and type. If you wanna read it, your choice, you don't have to. It's one big mess. But I really need to write now. I slept for less than 5 hours last night. Before that I had a crazy afternoon. I came from school, studied some calculus (because I had a final today and except for one problem I did pretty well. Hopefully I'll get an A). Then I had to go somewhere at like 4:30, and I got back home at 7. The night before that I didn't get enough sleep either, so I slept in the car. Then I took a shower. At like 7:30 I finally started working again. I was supposed to write 2 different essays. One is done, yay. The other one is like half way done. Then I studied some more math. Then I just gave up, read a little, because I promised Jon I would finish the book Mutant Message Down Under so he could read it. I went to bed after midnight. Today I am supposed to go camping. That's all great and everything, but I have like million other things to do. After this weekend I have only one left in America. That sounds really really sad. Anyway, it is Alyssa's birthday. I was gonna make her a present, but obviously I have no time at all. We are leaving at like 3:30 today. Therefore I have less than an hour to pack my stuff, email Peg, eat and go somewhere to get Alyssa another present, which will take AT LEAST 40 minutes, if I'm really really fast. I also made a list of other things I needed to do. It is very long. Much longer than the time I have to do them. My life sucks. Yes. And on Sunday I have to leave earlier and go to that CIEE party, it's like a goodbye party or something like that, it's for students and hostfamilies, but it never happens that my entire hostfamily (or even my real family) goes somewhere with me... *cry*.What else should I tell you...? Oh yeah, I just got my US history grade form Mr. McDonough, and the paper says that I didn't turn in the two most important assignments, WHICH I DID!!!!! I'll just yell at him or something. It's cool it's cool. gtg, eat some unhealthy lunch, fries or something, ("i just threw up in my mouth" - Elizabeth, Just Like Heaven). Bye guys, wish me luck. I don't want to die, so....

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