sobota 18. dubna 2009

Quitting, giving up... etc.

It is easy to quit. It is easy to give up. I quit every day. I try to do something, it doesn't work, so I give up. I have an idea, I share it with someone whose opinion is important for me... but people don't support me often. My ideas are crazy, they make no sense at all... and ppl tell the truth. Thank you for that, but then... I give up. I quit every day, every week, every month.. I give up. I am a little worried that one day I'll just stop trying. I don't want that to happen. But what can I do? Anyway. Quitting is not good. Don't quit. Don't give up. Who cares what other people think? Not me. Well, maybe you think I do care, because I said I ask for other poeple's opinions and then I quit, based on what they said. I don't care what other people think. I ask to see someone else's point of view. To see what other - more experienced - people think. But at the end I do what I want to do anyway. That's just me.
You don't know the difference between Czech and American schools. Between Czech and American teachers. American teachers are supportive. They really are. You may not notice it, because you are used to it. They make sure you get good grades (most of them). They invented such things as study guides or stuff like Some of them even tell you the answers before the test! In my art classes, the teacher walks around the room and says "good, good, can I help you?" or "this looks very pretty, keep working on it". When I first came to Woody High, I couldn't believe what I saw. Really. Life is so easy here. The only thing I had problems with was that sometimes I didn't understand... I had problems with translating stuff, spelling, reading and pronunciation. But I wasn't surprised. What else can you expect in a foreign country? Anyway, American schools are soooooo different from the Czech ones, you can't even imagine... American teachers don't want you to quit. They care. Czech teachers on the other hand don't care at all. You quit? Okay, whatever, go ahead. I knew you weren't smart enough to do this. I knew you hadn't enough patience or free time, and I know the rest of them wanna quit too... but either their parents make them continue working or they are just so proud that they keep trying themselves. Even though it seems impossible. You shouldn't give up.... ever in your life. Maybe you fail a test/an exam.. maybe your best friend is not talking to you.. maybe you break up with your girlfriend/boyfriend... maybe your parents say they don't trust you any more.. maybe you save your money for something and somebody steals it right before you buy that thing.. maybe you spend a number of hours a day getting ready for a competition, race, SAT test, audition, and then you totally fail, lose... and you feel like there is no point in trying again. It feels like life is not fair.
Life is not fair. My biology teacher taught me that (Monday: "no test tomorrow". Tuesday: "ok, here is your test." - "but you said there would be no test today! This is not fair!" - "Did I really say that? Well then I lied. Life is not fair."). Life is not fair. I say it at least 3 times a week myself... but to be honest, I don't think it is true. Life is fair. You failed? Don't try to call it an accident, coincidence... No. Things like that happen and they make sense. Maybe not to you. But don't worry about that. You are here to learn a lesson, so don't give up.
Don't give up. Always do your best. It's the smartest thing to do - my little wisdom ;) ;) I'm not wise. What I say comes from experience.
And now (I think this article is long enough, even though I have much more to say), can you do me a favor? Can you tell me what you think about this? I believe in what I just told you, but if your idea makes more sense, feel free to tell me (please). :) I am interested in what other people think, I hope you understand. Please comment. If it speaks czech to you, I am sorry. Don't quit, just try all the buttons. One of them works :) I love you. Thank you for reading this. :)
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